The Patient Discovery
Equitable Care Platform

Opening the aperture on how we see, understand, and care for patients

Engage patients on what matters most

Treating the whole patient means understanding how life outside the clinic impacts their clinical care path. The Patient Discovery platform helps care teams deliver holistic, patient-centered care by identifying and supporting patients with the non-clinical challenges influencing access and adherence.

How does it work?

Before appointments patients and their care givers access the platform to reflect on and communicate:

  • Appointment priorities

  • Health-related social needs

  • Quality of life

  • Goals of care

  • Treatment challenges & preferences

Based on diagnosis and treatment center, the platform can be configured to engage and educate on:

  • Available clinical trials

  • Advance care planning

  • Advanced treatment options

A dynamic, personalized dashboard assists patients by intelligently surfacing relevant resources based on the patient’s input, including:

  • individualized support services

  • short-burst educational videos

  • key resources for navigating diagnosis & treatment

A summary of the patient-reported data is seamlessly delivered to care teams within their existing clinical workflow to triage and use at appointments

As clinical and non-clinical staff work with patients to address unmet patient needs, the platform captures those activities to efficiently report on billable activities across payers

Clinically validated with proven results

Map of the contiguous United States with several icons, each representing a practitioner, all linked to each other in a purple web-like structure.

Clinically validated across the U.S., the Patient Discovery platform delivers the actionable insights healthcare stakeholders need to consistently deliver high-quality, affordable care aligned with the individual needs of all patients.



of patients self-reported a social need from home before an appointment



average age of patients of all education levels who access the Patient Discovery platform



of patients who identified a social need expressed interest in advanced treatment options (clinical trials, CAR-T therapy, stem cell transplant)



of patients matched to support said the platform was either useful, or very or extremely useful

Implement quickly and easily

Designed for interoperability with EHRs and other third-party solutions, the Patient Discovery platform integrates seamlessly within the clinical workflow for a practical solution that enhances care quality and outcomes.

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Unlock reimbursements for investments that enhance whole person care

Patient Discovery helps oncology practices operationalize whole person care and unlock new reimbursement requirements for SDoH, Community Health Integration, and Patient Navigation services.

Patient Discovery is a win for patients, caregivers, and multidisciplinary teams