Give every patient the opportunity to achieve their best health

A woman wearing a headscarf aims her phone at herself and her two children for a photo while outside in nature.

Integrate the patient’s life outside the clinic with the clinical care path

80% of clinical outcomes are impacted by what happens outside of the provider’s office. The Patient Discovery platform opens the aperture on how we see and understand patients, enabling oncology providers to integrate each patient’s unique non-medical priorities, preferences, and challenges into their care plan – an approach we call connecting life to care™.

Empower self-advocacy and shared decision making

The Patient Discovery platform educates and measures patient engagement and understanding of topics like clinical trials, advance care planning, and advanced treatment options to support care teams in better understanding knowledge gaps and empower patients to take a more active role in care decisions and planning.

Remove the non-medical barriers to better health outcomes

Patient Discovery’s integrated SDoH risk assessment gives patients a safe and comfortable space for communicating the practical day-to-day challenges influencing their ability to get and stay on treatment. Automated referrals to community-based support services and detailed summaries delivered directly into the clinical workflow support care teams in proactively identifying and addressing unmet patient needs to ensure optimal access and outcomes for every patient.

Build trust

Patient Discovery amplifies the patient voice and ensures every patient is heard, understood, and supported along the entire care journey. This unique approach centered on delivering care to the whole person, strengthens the bond of trust between patients and their care teams, improving patient satisfaction and the patient experience.

A low-cost and easy-to-use solution, Patient Discovery also helps practices get reimbursed for work which was previously not financially supported by CMS.