Our story

Patient Discovery was founded to transform the way all patients are understood, supported, and treated; providing a platform for patients’ real-world experiences to be integrated into decision-making throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Board members

  • Sandra Fenwick

    Former President & CEO
    Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Norm Shore

    CEO & Co-Founder
    Patient Discovery

  • Shelby Chamberlain

    CSO & Co-Founder
    Patient Discovery

  • Adam Sodowick

    CIO & Co-Founder
    Patient Discovery

  • Robert Harkins

    VP & Owner
    Carousel Industries


  • Sarah Cairns-Smith

    Former Senior Partner & MD
    The Boston Consulting Group

  • Steve Bonner

    Former President & CEO
    Cancer Treatment Centers of America

  • Joh Fallon

    Former SVP & Chief Physician Executive
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

  • Jason Reynolds

    Senior Vice President
    Definitive Healthcare

  • Marty Gilbert

    Former Senior Physician Executive
    Kaiser Permanente

Our team

  • Julanny Acevedo

    Product Manager

  • Prakash Acharya

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Serena Bowen

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Shelby Chamberlain

    Chief Strategy Officer

  • Elizabeth Egan

    Vice President, Marketing

  • Aaron Hoffman

    Vice President, Design

  • Rika Iida

    Business Analyst

  • Michael Keirnan

    System Architect

  • Norm Shore

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Adam Sodowick

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Julie Stern

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Bella Sykes

    Director, Outcomes & Solution Experience

  • Brian Winkle

    Director, Engineering