Operationalizing SDoH in community oncology: practical strategies & reimbursement opportunities

Community oncologists overwhelmingly agree that Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) have a significant impact on patient outcomes, but many still struggle to operationalize their practices to effectively address these needs with their patients.

In a recent survey from AmerisourceBergen, 90% of oncologists said their practices needed more financial support to address SDoH. 

In this webinar, our panel provides valuable insights into the role of people, process, and technology in operationalizing SDoH, including: 

  • Successful strategies for addressing and helping to resolve SDoH needs, including both the provider perspective and the community-based organization perspective 

  • Technology tools that utilize existing reimbursement codes for SDoH screenings and reduce the strain on existing clinical staff 

  • Reimbursement codes practices can leverage for SDoH intervention activities 



Kerry Amato –Key Account Director, Emerging Markets at American Medical Association


Anabell Castro Thompson – Senior Vice President at Suvida Healthcare

Art Lopez – VP of Business Development at findhelp

Theresa West – Chief Commercial Officer at Patient Discovery

Susan Weidner – Senior Vice President, IntrinsiQ Specialty Solutions at AmerisourceBergen

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